Cute Makeup Bags And Where To Find Them

Cute Affordable Makeup Bags Storage
So, let’s talk makeup bags. I’m all about them! Somehow I always seem to need one just to throw in my handbag with my after gym SOS kit (deodorant and hair ties!), or to house all of my lip balms (going right back to the strawberry flavoured chap stick from my PE kit in year 7…), or let’s face it, all of the other little bits that just seem to just accumulate and be necessary when you’re female. 
I’m quite particular about a good makeup bag. If it’s going to have toiletries in it it has to be waterproof, because when you’re camping or staying in a hostel and you get out of the shower and pack things away in a hurry, things are gonna get wet! My Cath Kidston rose print oilcloth bag is my favourite for this reason, and it’s really roomy which is a bonus!
When it comes to makeup bags, I like ones with a black lining. This is because I’m genuinely mystified by those bloggers who always seem to have pristine makeup bags. Mine always seem to have smudges everywhere and everything is coated in the inevitable smashed bronzer dust, so a black lining keeps everything looking tidy. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be boring on the outside! H&am have some really nice makeup bags at the moment, like these ones in bronze and rose gold. They have a black lining, and they’re super affordable too at £6.99 each!
Cute Affordable Makeup Bags Storage
I’m a little paranoid about travelling with all of my makeup in a carry on bag, as some airports only allow you to bring ten items with you through the security gate. Imagine having to choose ten things and throw away the rest of your makeup and toiletries? No gracias! I always try to take the bare essentials if I’m only taking hand luggage, and to be honest I don’t wear much makeup on holiday anyway (as I’m usually in the sea!), so this cute little Oliver Bonas number, kindly gifted to me by a friend, is perfect and fits easily into my handbag!
Which is your favourite? And do you have any other places to go for cute storage?

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