Autumn Bucket List Update



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Autumn Bucket List Update

At the start of Autumn I wrote a bucket list. Now the snow is falling which obviously means it’s winter, so I thought I’d re-cap how I spent the season. Here’s how it went down:

Autumn Bucket List | A Guide To Fall Season Activities

-Toast Marshmallows

This happened in the kitchen on a rainy day in October. I burned my mouth because I couldn’t wait. It was worth it.

-Carve a pumpkin

We did this on the night before Halloween whilst watching The Night Before Christmas. We reckon mine (on the right) looks like the evil genius and my boyfriend’s on the left is the sidekick. A bit like Pinky & The Brain…what do you think?

-Give out sweets to trick or treaters

We only got the one trick or treater…but he was dressed like a ninja and he was awesome! Although I think I was more excited than he was. My boyfriend got him to ‘ninja snatch’ the sweets and pretended he didn’t see him do it. So cute!

-Make a wreath out of leaves

This was such a fun craft! Look out for a tutorial coming up soon 🙂 Collecting the leaves was the best part

-Make a Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

I’m going to post a recipe on here soon because this was bloody gorgeous! (even if I do say so myself…) It was the perfect warming comfort on cold days after long walks in the woods.

-Knit A Mega-Scarf

I’ve been eyeing up giant yarn on Etsy for the longest time and finally purchased some from mycosyLondon. I had so much fun making this! The stitches are quite large so it doesn’t take very long at all to make. Here’s an easy knitting tutorial to get you started!

(p.s: mega-scarf isn’t a brand name, but it should be right?)

Autumn Bucket List | A Guide To Fall Season Activities

I’m quite pleased with the little things I’ve accomplished this season. It’s surprising how much it helps to have a list of activities like this to make sure you make the most of the weather! What would be on your seasonal bucket list?

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