I’m Moving to Toronto!


At first it started out as a joke.

We would laugh about it after a long day at work and say something along the lines of ‘Fuck it! Let’s go to Canada!’….then after a while we were saying it more and more, until we were saying it every day. Slowly our conviction built until the point where we were like: ‘Fuck it! Let’s go to CANADA!’ 

Somehow without us realising it, the crazy London escape plan is now reality, and we’re boarding a plane. 

One of the things I love most about blogging is that I can use a post to really capture how I’m feeling at any one snapshot in time. I am so excited (and a little bit terrified) about this move, and I want to use this post to capture all my hopes and dreams, so that I can look back a year from now and smile (we’re planning to stay for at least a year but who knows? Maybe longer!)  

Biggest Fears: My biggest fear is that I won’t be able to deal with the Canadian winter. I know that sounds silly but the struggle is REAL over there! Temperatures can reach as low as -30, which I suspect my Topshop boots and New Look coat might not be prepared to handle…I was told that if I went outdoors with wet hair it might *freeze*. So there’s that. I feel the same way I did when I was 11 and going into secondary school. I was assured that my head was going to get put in the toilet by the older kids. It didn’t happen and I can laugh at the fact that I was worried now, so hopefully it’s kind of the same thing….hopefully.


Biggest Dreams

I’m going to write a Toronto ‘bucket list’ with more detailed activities, but the major things I want to achieve are the following:

Work Plans:

I’m rolling the dice! Which is very unlike me and pretty scary! But this is one of the most exciting things about moving. Career-wise I feel like I haven’t really found my niche yet. I’ve had many different jobs which have  to some fantastic places- including Paris and the Amazon jungle! But as I’m getting older I’m realizing that I want something a little more stable. I’m going to be open minded and see what opportunities come my way. I may end up in a career that’s completely different to what I started out in when I graduated. The possibilities are endless- and that’s exciting.  

House Plans:

Ah, the London housing situation! Much as I hated to leave our tiny little apartment I realised it was a bit crazy to have a walk in cupboard as a kitchen, and hopefully in our next place we will have so much more room to breathe! (Also praying for a walk in wardrobe, are you hearing me ladies? 😉 ). We’re living with my bf’s family for the first couple of months, so there’s no rush to find a place, but I’m sure we’ll know it when we see it! We’d like to find an apartment in the downtown area, and I already have about a million Pinterest boards for the interior so I’ll keep you posted!


I get really nervous about driving, despite getting my license over 5 years ago. To be fair, I’ve never actually gotten used to driving over a long stretch before, because I didn’t have a car at Uni or in London. This is something I want to change. It’s my goal to become a confident driver in Canada, even if that means snow, ice, an automatic gearbox and being on the wrong side of the road. It’s going to take some determination as my natural inclination is to put it off. If there are any nervous drivers out there who have some tips for overcoming it then please so send them my way! 


This is a big deal for me as I used to run a lot before I moved to London, but somehow running in the big smoke didn’t appeal and I lost the habit. This year I’m going to get it back!

General ‘outdoorsiness’:

I put this in as I also felt this is something you lose a little in London. One of our reasons for moving was so that we’d have access to more space outdoors. I’d love an apartment with a garden, which means we’ll be able to get a dog! And I can’t wait for long walks on the beach and hikes in the mountains. 

So that’s a quick roundup! I’m also very much looking forward to discovering the Toronto blogging scene. Please drop me a line and say hello! This could be the start of something good 🙂 

Photograph Rebeccax by rsmith225 on 500px

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