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A couple of weekends back I hopped on the Eurostar to visit my friend Caitlin in Paris. I’ve been so excited to see her every since she moved there at the beginning of this year, as she’s such an inspiring person to be around and her life right now sounds like a fairytale. She works for a high end fashion boutique and is learning French and living in this cute little apartment with one of her best friends in the heart of Paris, which is way too achingly cool if you ask me…
I’d been to Paris before but on a work trip, so even though I was staying 500m from the Louvre I didn’t have time to go! So I left feeling very much like I hadn’t seen the ‘real’ Paris. Fast forward six months and I finally had the chance! 
First stop, a Parisian flea market, which is every bit as exciting as is sounds. At first I wasn’t really feeling it (you really have to look), but after taking a couple of photos I really got into the swing of it. I found a beautiful striped Zara dress for a euro (A EURO!!!) as well as an old porcelain saucepan which I gifted to my boyfriend as he’s a gifted cook (unlike me, who burns things…). Caitlin, being a fashionista, has an exceptional eye, and soon she persuaded me to buy the most beautiful pair of old leather Chelsea boots (photos to come!). Unfortunately I was so excited to wear them that I wore them the next day with no socks on (smart move, becca…)  and they absolutely wrecked my feet! Luckily Caitlin was on hand to insist on giving me a spontaneous piggy back through the Parisian streets… What are friends for, eh? 😉
After the flea market we went to visit the  Pompidou, one of the largest museums in France which is filled with modern art. The views of the city from the top floor are enough reason to visit alone. I thought I took around a million photographs at this point, but I’ve realised that I have this habit of just walking around in a dream just taking things in without actually taking any photos! Lesson learned, next time I will be more snap happy! Also I have another post coming up featuring my next day in Paris, which involved getting stuck into the more touristy side of things 🙂
So to summarise, next time you’re in Paris you need to visit a flea market! And for the best view, try the top of the Pompidpu. Enjoy!
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