DIY Vintage Teacup Candles

Candles are quite possibly one of my favourite things to make. I’m always on the lookout for vintage teacups and saucers and quirky little containers- and it’s so satisfying to be able to make your own and save a fortune!

For my candles I used:

– A vintage teacup and saucer from a Parisian jumble sale
– A pink ramekin left over from a shop bought dessert which I upcycled by decorating it with gold spots and a gold trim using a ceramic marker (you can get one here)
– A gorgeous blue patterned cup from the ZARA sale- it was reduced to £2 and I think it was originally meant to be for toothbrushes, but who cares? 🙂
– A lilac bubble patterned glass, also from the ZARA sale which was reduced to only 99p!

You’ll also need:

-Some essential oils to make your candles smell lovely
-Some standard wax pellets and wicks which you can pick up wholesale here and here

Simply melt the wax in the pan on a low heat (make sure you keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t burn!) and mix in a couple of drops of essential oil. When the wax has fully melted pour it into your container. I always find it easier to place the wick in afterwards whilst the wax is still liquid, and you can use chopsticks or pencils to ‘pinch’ the wick in place whilst the wax sets…and it’s as easy as that!
diy-vintage-teacup-candles-shabbychic-wedding-vintageI also tried out a little block of organic beeswax which I picked up on ebay. It smells lovely, just like honey, and it burns really well.
And there we have it! Some posh looking candles, even if I only say so myself 🙂 At a fraction of the price!
Has this post inspired you to make your own candles?

Photograph Rebeccax by rsmith225 on 500px

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