How I Overcome Writer’s Block


This blog is a work in progress for me, and today I appear to have hit a wall. Everything I write doesn’t seem quite ‘right’. Do you ever just have one of those days? Anyway I’m determined to break through it and at least write *something* to get me back into my creative flow 🙂 so here’s a quick rundown of the things keeping me inspired lately:



If you’re wondering why I was carrying a watermelon ‘a la dirty dancing’ it was to make this bad boy…watermelon salad! Simply cut the watermelon into cubes, throw in some mint leaves and crumbled goat’s cheese and voila! A refreshing treat on a summer evening and you can be a little bit fancy without too much effort 😉


Take care of Yoself!

I’m really getting into The Blurt Foundation’s 365 days of self care. I cannot recommend this organisation enough for raising awareness and understanding of mental health and promoting self care. I keep my self care post its on my desk at work as a reminder to slow down and make some space for myself during the day. So far this has lead to a renewed yoga membership, some lovely mid-day walks in the park and plenty of cups of tea, which has ultimately boosted my productivity and made me feel that little bit more zen :). I received my post-its in a Buddybox, which are an excellent gift to give to yourself or a loved one to cheer them up and give them some TLC (you can also buy the individual post it notes here)


Go for a Walk- and Make a Daisy Chain!

Speaking of walks in the park- this was me on a Sunday afternoon lying in Battersea park making daisy chains (which my boyfriend refused to wear- how rude please?)

When is the last time you made a daisy chain? Go on- it’s fun!

Spend Some Quality Time With a Furry Friend

One of my colleagues brought her dog into work and I just about lost my mind. After losing my dog Alfie last year I really missed going for walks so taking this little furball to the park was a real treat!

Phew I wrote a post 🙂 so there writer’s block! And y’know what? I do feel a whole lot better 🙂 thanks for bearing with me on this all-over-the-place post everyone!

What’s keeping you inspired lately?

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