Perfumes In Review- To Suit Every Budget

When it comes to perfumes, I’d suggest researching online to find the best price. Retailers like Sephora and offer the best deals. From Yves Saint Laurent to The Body Shop, there is a perfume out there to suit every budget!

This winter I’ve been wearing fruity scents to remind me of warmer times. This Japanese Cherry Blossom scent from The Body Shop has featured on my blog before because it’s one of my absolute favourites! At £9 a bottle it’s a bargain, and I use it on all of my linens. I give my sheets a quick spritz when they come out of the dryer, and I occasionally spray the scent my bedroom to give it a delicate floral smell. The fragrance isn’t very strong so it doesn’t overpower a room, it doesn’t stain fabric and it lasts for ages!

The second fragrance I’ve been using is Jean Paul Gaultier’s Madame fragrance. Inspired by Agyness Deyn, it’s unabashedly girly with a hint of punk. MaDame was introduced in 2008 with fragrances notes of acidic orange, musk and ceda. The punky part comes from a hint of Grenadine mixed with velvet rose. I wear this scent when I’m off out partying- because when else would you wear Grenadine?
My final fragrance and favourite perfume of the season is Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Elle’ perfume. With it’s base note of patchouli it suits me and my hippy ways, whilst also including crisp floral notes for that signature chic YSL style. Here’s the review from the site:
‘The surprise of this Yves Saint Laurent floral begins with pink berries hardly the fruit of femininity, and yet it ripens at the centre of the perfume to audacious effect. Top notes of lychee and peonies brighten the accord, while the base of patchouli, vetiver and woods deepen it.’
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