Resolutions For A Cosy Autumn

So the dreamy summer days have officially drifted into Autumn- and I for one am stocking up on cost knitwear, fairy lights and scented candles! I can’t wait for crisp Autumnal days. Each year as summer ends I always feel a small sense of loss, because summer is so bright and colourful and winter can be a little dull in comparison. So this year I made some resolutions to keep the colour going.

This year I will:

-Wear colourful clothes:

Listen up high street! Autumn and Winter are no excuse for dull fashion 😉 I love wearing colour because it cheers me up and reflects my personality, so I’ll be looking for winter brights and chunky colourful knits this season

I bought this cute and colourful card holder from Accessorize to cheer me up on gloomy days 🙂

– Take lots of pictures: I’m thinking leafy parks bursting with autumn colours, crisp frosted sunsets and early morning dew. I plan to make the most of the light and try and capture some of the beauty of the season

– Go on lots of adventures: When it’s cold I tend to stay inside with my duvet and Netflix, but this year I’m going to make a special effort to wrap up warm and take more walks in the park to really immerse myself in this lovely season.


-Buy a coffee machine: Because a beautiful coffee is one of the nicest things you can have to warm you up!

– Make our flat really cosy: My boyfriend has banned scented candles and placed a limit on ‘girly things’, but I plan to launch a sneak attack this Autumn to make our flat cosy.  Think fairly lights, lots of cushions and a million candles. He’ll be OK when he sees it, right? I mean, who doesn’t like candles!?

What are your resolutions?

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