DIY Paw Print Keepsake To Help You Remember Your Pet

We lost my dog Alfie recently. I’ve had him since I was 13 and he was a big part of my family so it was devastating to see him go. He was very old though and he had a long, full life with us. He spent most of his time adventuring, making friends and running up and frolicking on long walks in the Lake District.

I wanted to make something special to remember him by, so when the vet advised us that he probably didn’t have long, I came up with the idea of taking an imprint of his paw. It seemed like a tasteful way to remember him.

Two weeks after I made the print with him, we took him to the vets for the last time. I’m *so glad* I made it because now I have something to remember him by. I know a lot of you guys have pets, so I thought I’d share this simple craft with you!

How to Make a DIY Pet Paw Print

Simply take a block of modelling clay (I bought mine here). You’ll also need a flat surface, a rolling pin and a kitchen knife.Step 1: Start by cutting off a block of clay (suitable for the paw of your pet)

Step 2: Roll it flat and cut it into the right shape
Step 3: Take one mischievous dog (in my case) and gently press their paw into the mould. You may need to arm yourself with some treats as a bribe for cooperation! (I recommend biscuits) Despite Alfie’s old age it took me about half an hour to get him to sit still for long enough…
Step 4: Wait for your mould to dry, clean it, and voila! As an extra option you can make a couple holes in the top of your print and thread some string or ribbon through it so you can hang it up. I also added Alfie’s name on the bottom for a more personal touch.
I feel so lucky to have had Alfie in my life for some many years, and if you have a furry creature in your life I wish you lots of happiness. Hug them extra hard from me 🙂
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