Travel Diaries | Stress Free Holiday Packing (Part Two)


In my previous post I shared my top tips for packing for a beach holiday. If you’re like me and you appreciate the little luxuries when you’re travelling, then here’s my advice:

1. Free samples make for ideal travel toiletries


Apart from the benefit lip gloss, these toiletries were all free! A lot of brands will give away free samples during promotions, and compiles a daily list of active campaigns to sign up to. It’s completely free and I love receiving samples as little gifts in the post 🙂

2. Got a lot of jewellery?

To stop it getting tangled up, simply cut up some drinks straws and thread your necklaces and bracelets through them. This might seem a bit fiddly but it saves time in the long run!


3. Buy a set of mini-bottles

For your normal sized products- it’s cheaper to just fill the bottles with the things you use already rather than buying mini sets of everything. Plus you can re-use them!

4. Bikini bags

Are a great way of storing your wet things after you’ve been to the beach. I bought mine from Primark for £3

5. Pack a fan

They’re a really light, cheap little accessory which can keep you cool

6. Pack some ear plugs and sleep mask

If you’re anything like me, the slightest change in your environment will disturb your sleep- which makes for a very grumpy holiday camper! To maximize your enjoyment of travelling, in spite of whirring air conditioning units and glaringly bright fluorescent airport lighting, these simple things are advisable. I picked up this gorgeous travel print sleep mask from The Pound Shop and some ear plugs from my local pharmacy for £1.50.


7. Pack some empty 100ml bottles to take stuff home!

I was so disappointed when I wasn’t allowed to take a 125ml jar of local honey back with me on a recent trip. Apparently the extra 25ml of breakfast condiment placed me at extreme risk of holding everyone hostage…*sigh*. To avoid a kerfuffle and still bring home some of your chosen treat, simply bring a handful of 100ml containers to decant it into.

(As we speak the airport security man is probably enjoying my honey on his crumpets, but you live and learn…)

8. ‘Trust me on the sun screen!’

Okay so you’ve packed your sun cream, but have you thought about the other areas of your body which might not be protected? Your hair, for example, may need a bit of extra TLC (mention products). Lips can be treated to some SPF salve, and make sure your sunglasses have UV protection

9. About sunglasses…

If you’re anything like me, take cheap ones! I’ve lost count of the amount of times i’ve dropped mine, or damaged them somehow by scratching them with sand. Once I even dropped some off the side of a boat! To save the worry, it’s worth picking up a cheap and replaceable pair (as long as they have UV protection!)

10. Break out of your usual beauty routine!

Now is the time to go without heavy makeup, let your hair fall in beachy waves and try out a new nail or lip colour (I’m going with shimmering gold!). The girls and I tried these gold temporary tattoos from Primark. Then results were mixed, but the sun was shining so we didn’t care!

What are your packing essentials?

Pssst…. if you enjoyed this article check out Part One for more packing tips!

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