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I always like to mix up my perfume collection for the summer, I’m a lifelong fan of Chanel No5, there’s a reason why it’s a classic! I love the powdery smell and how it lasts all day. You only need a tiny spritz! So although it’s expensive, in my opinion it’s really good value.
My lovely grandma gave me Prada Amber a couple of birthdays ago and since then I’ve been hooked, I love the feminine scent, so I treated myself to the Infusion d’Iris scent, it just oozes glamour and it’s now my absolute favourite perfume. It reminds me of my best friend, as she got some for her 16th birthday and I associate that smell with being in her bedroom with a Britney CD on getting ready to go out. (We were classy- OK?? …to be fair I’d actually still do that now!).
luxrury-designer-perfumes-chanel no 5-prada
floral wash bag – Cath Kidston 
Now for my summer scents! Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ma Dame is fruity and floral, the bottle design is gorgeous and it’s great to take on holiday.The second fragrance I’ve been using is Jean Paul Gaultier’s Madame fragrance. Inspired by Agyness Deyn, it’s unabashedly girly with a hint of punk. MaDame was introduced in 2008 with fragrances notes of acidic orange, musk and ceda. The punky part comes from a hint of Grenadine mixed with velvet rose. I wear this scent when I’m off out partying- because when else would you wear Grenadine?
I use my Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist to spray on my bedsheets and in my drawers to make my clothes smell nice 🙂 Fragrance mists from The Body Shop retail at only £7.50 and they’re great to spray around your bedroom.
When it comes to perfumes, I’d suggest researching online to find the best price. Retailers like Sephora and offer the best deals. From Yves Saint Laurent to The Body Shop, there is a perfume out there to suit every budget!
What’s your favourite perfume?


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  1. Totally agree about Chanel No 5, such a classic! I tend to use Euphoria by Calvin Klein, smells divine but can be a bit heavy! Chance by Chanel is lighter and very fresh. I also find Zara do lovely perfumes for reasonable prices, definitely going to check out the Body Shop Sprays though,great price! By the way, since your last blog post , I have signed up to magic freebies and I am hoping to win a £50Boots Voucher ,fingers crossed!
    Great read , looking forward to next one,

  2. Ooh I want to try Chance 🙂 and I didn't know that Zara did perfumes!? for sure checking that out! If you ever want to write a guest post on here to share your wisdom you'd be more than welcome 🙂 and let me know which freebies you get!

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