Stationary For Creative Inspiration | The Perfect Vintage Floral Journal

I was browsing TK Maxx when I came across this beautiful journal for only £2.99
 I’ve been writing down my blog ideas on scraps of paper- sticky notes, menus, lecture notes- basically anything I could find! Now though, I’m using my journal to jot down all my ideas and doodles. So far, it has lists and lists of ideas for upcoming blog posts- so watch this space!. I love how it contains blank pages for my sketches!. I’m quite a visual person and I used to get told off in school for doodling in the margins of all my textbooks- oops! 😉
My journal is from chronicle books, designed by Yana Beylinson. A quick search on their website reveals some other gorgeous designs (from various designers). They retail at around £9.95 and would be a perfect gift for someone! There’s also
Here’s some more info about the designer. She’s also done designs for Crabtree & Evelyn, and her dreamy style is one to watch out for:
‘Yana Beylinson is an artist and an award-winning designer,  illustrator and artist. Her many years of experience encompasses illustration, branding, packaging and print design. Yana truly understands the creative synergy between an illustration and its application. She brings this sensibility as well as her signature fashion-forward look to each creative project. Yana has studied in Baruch College and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her vast body of work has been featured in How Magazine, Logo Lounge, Big Book of Self Promotion and Really Good Packaging Explained. She designed her own stationery line published by Chronicle Books and penned a book published by Wiley & Sons. Yana is well known for her signature, streamlined creative style and brings elegance and a sophisticated eye to all of her work.’

A good journal can inspire you snd help you bring your ideas to life. I can’t wait to turn my scribbles into reality- so watch this space!


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