DIY Upcycled Magazine Box Craft


I’ve noticed a new trend for shops to sell storage boxes and other products made from recycled magazines. It’s such a simple but brilliant idea- I decided to make my own!

I ripped out pages from a stack of old magazines, then used the guillotine at my local library to cut them down into small strips. I then spent a Sunday afternoon watching Notting Hill and pasting the strips onto a shoebox. Watching old romantic films and making crafts is basically my favourite thing to do on Sundays right now. 

Side note: Notting Hill makes me cry with laughter every time…Rhys Ifans is brilliant.

  1. I’ve opened Pandora’s Box!’
  2. I knew a girl named Pandora in High school once . . . Never did see her box though…’

Moving on! 

Here’s the result. I decided to go mad with colour this time, but for other projects in the past I’ve used one colour. You could go for black and white which will match just about every room. For a guy, you could use sports magazines. Fashion magazines in particular seem to have a lot of pink pages. I’d love to see one made entirely in pink! The possibilities are endless really, as paper is so versatile.

This is a great little craft because it didn’t cost a thing!. That’s right- £0 (unless you count the cost of the magazine!). I’ve been using my box to store my makeup, and it really brightens up my bedroom. I like the thought that no two boxes are the same, so it’s a really original and thoughtful gift to give someone. Plus, it’s up-cycled, which means it’s good for the environment :). I feel like we throw away so much these days, it feels good to have made something new out of ‘rubbish’.

Has this post inspired you to make your own box?

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